Septic Installation Services

Since 2015, Easy Flow Septics in Caldwell, TX has provided septic system installation services. From aerobic and low-pressure dosing systems to conventional septic systems, we have the experienced team to properly install your system. We are consistently pushing ourselves to stay ahead of industry trends to deliver the best service and products available. We can help you choose the right system for you.

Septic Systems We Install:


A continuous flow suspended growth aerobic system relies on bacteria in the wastewater to break down waste. An air pump is used to push air through the aeration chamber, allowing constant air flow and stirring of the wastewater.


A conventional septic system refers to a system that allows wastewater to separate into different layers at different stages of decomposition. Conventional refers to using gravity rather than introducing other methods to break down waste.

Low-Pressure Dosing

Low-pressure dosing septic systems treat wastewater and use surrounding soil to finish treating the wastewater. Soil filters solids and organic matter, meanwhile microbes will kill the bacteria and pathogens in the wastewater. This option is typically cheaper than other systems.

For more information about the services we provide or if you would like a schedule a free estimate, please contact us at 979-324-1951. We look forward to working with you!